Omaha Yakisoba

A quick post to let you know we’re still here. And that we’ve really been enjoying cooking from Isa Does It. Many nights we’re just whipping up something quick without taking the time to look in a cookbook but when we do decide to cook from a recipe (or at least find one to use as a guide) this has been our go-to book. Tonight we had a red cabbage we needed to use and Isa’s Omaha Yakisoba recipe was a great way to use that cabbage. Alas, we didn’t have udon¬†noodles but it was quite tasty with the whole wheat linguine we did have.


Cold Noodle Salad

Earlier this year I read a great article by Mark Bittman about ChopChop Magazine, whose mission is “to inspire and teach kids to cook real food with their families.” It inspired us to try a subscription to ChopChop. While it’s certainly not a vegan publication, most of their recipes either already are vegan or are easily veganized just by virtue of being simple and healthy. Our 5 year old enjoys looking through the magazine and picking out recipes to try. Unfortunately he wasn’t so keen on this one but we loved it and with him we’ll keep trying.¬†Here’s the recipe from ChopChop. We didn’t have soba noodles so we used whole wheat spaghetti. Which I suppose is another lesson for the kid – you don’t necessarily have to follow a recipe exactly. Substitutions are allowed (and sometimes encouraged).