Vanilla Extract

vanilla_extractOur quart jar of vanilla extract is getting low so I ordered some more vanilla beans so we can start another one. Wait… vanilla extract by the quart? Isn’t that stuff super expensive? Not if you make it yourself. We posted about this on our previous blog but that was long ago so I thought it would be useful to go through it again. The short story is this: we get vanilla beans for a good price on ebay and soak them in inexpensive vodka. Let that sit for a while (at least a few weeks), shake the jar occasionally and voila, vanilla extract. And for a fraction of what it costs to buy it two ounces at a time at the store. There are many online sources for vanilla beans but we got ours from the Vanilla Products USA store on ebay and they even have some instructions for making extract – just chop about 30 vanilla beans, put them in a quart jar and fill with vodka. I also add a couple teaspoons sugar to cut the alcohol a bit. Then I put the jar in a cabinet and shake it every so often. We pour it off a little at a time into a smaller bottle and use it for all our baking needs!