Back at the dawn of the Enlightenment (you know, in 2005) when there were only a very small handful of vegan food blogs, we started our own little blog. Over four years and 600 posts later we had a baby and precious little time for blogging (or even cooking for that matter) and we decided to call it quits. Now another four years on and we’re jumping back in to the blogging world. Our baby is 5 years old and we have another baby now so our time is still limited but we’re ready to share our kitchen with the world again.

We posted about some pretty elaborate meals in the past and there will be less of that this time around. Most of our meals these days are simple and quick but we do cook from scratch and avoid processed food as much as possible. Our goal here is to show that a busy couple with two young kids can find the time to regularly cook real, healthy food for our family and not resort to pre-packaged convenience foods or eating out. Cooking from scratch can be more time consuming but it’s also healthier and less expensive. We hope we can inspire you to get better acquainted with your kitchen.

Coming Soon!

Creators of the much loved Eat Air blog are back with a new project! Stay tuned for more.