Jamaican Veggie Patties and Coco Bread

I’m re-using some content here but with good reason. I love this stuff! So much so that these veggie patties made the top 10 list on our previous blog. Here’s an updated picture from tonight’s dinner. Background and recipes here. (Also note that the 5 year old loved these and also loved helping make them.)


Pizza, Take 2

I know this blog is only 14 posts old and we’ve already posted about pizza once. But I felt slightly bad that our goal here is to demonstrate from-scratch cooking and we posted about a pizza with packaged store-bought vegan cheese. Not that I have anything against Teese or Daiya (other than the fact that they’re expensive and come wrapped in plastic). We do buy these things from time to time but I’m also feeling compelled to post about the times we make pizza with our own homemade vegan cheese. In particular, Darlene has experimented of late with making vegan block cheeses that are shreddable. She tried this cashew cheese recipe from Real Food Daily and it was tasty but alas, it didn’t shred very well so we just crumbled it on a pizza (along with spinach and slices of homemade seitan).


She also tried adding agar powder to an old standby cheese-y sauce that we often make from The Uncheese Cookbook. Again, not really shreddable but still it was delicious crumbled on a pizza with spinach and mushrooms. Of course there’s nothing wrong with an entirely cheese-less pizza either. So save yourself some money and experiment with your own vegan cheese making!


Happy New Year!

Though we’re not Southerners by heritage, we’ve been living in Virginia for 12 years and at some point during our time here we started honoring the tradition of eating black-eyed peas and greens on New Year’s Day. If you’re not up on Southern food traditions, the black-eyed peas represent good luck and the greens represent wealth in the new year. We broke from tradition this year though in how we prepared our peas & greens. We got ourselves a copy of Isa Does It for Christmas and as soon as I saw the recipe for Black-Eyed Pea & Collard Tacos, I figured that would be a great twist on our New Year’s Day tradition. The apple-avocado salsa is a great accompaniment and we may well make these our new tradition. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2014!