Veggie Burgers

Why would you pay upwards of 5 bucks for a package of 4 wimpy veggie burgers in the frozen food section of your local mega-mart when it’s super easy to make your own? And you can make them as substantial as you want. Darlene has become the veggie burger master lately and I guess it started with this post on her blog. There are a couple of recipe variations there for you to try but really we hardly ever make exactly the same recipe twice. The basic gist is a couple of carrots, and a medium onion (from our CSA in this case) finely chopped in the food processor, then about 3 cups of cooked brown rice whirred up for a bit, then a cup or more of nuts finely ground. And all this stuff is then combined with a cup or so of wheat gluten and/or ground oats and formed into burgers. You can bake them or fry them. For this version I also threw some kale in with the carrots and onions.

We got a ton of potatoes this year from our CSA so we’ve done veggie burgers many times with fried or roasted potatoes on the side. This recipe makes about a dozen burgers and they freeze well so pulling some burgers out of the freezer can make for a quick weeknight meal.

Though we had these burgers on homemade bread, we do often find ourselves getting store-bought buns. We’d like to make our own buns more often and this recipe is one of my favorites.



I’ll leave you with one more veggie burger variation that we like and that’s Scott Jurek’s Lentil-Mushroom burgers.

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